Inspiration: Thirties love

My trip to Eltham Palace at the weekend stirred a memory of a book given to me for Christmas one year and after much hunting I found it. "What Every Woman Should Know: Lifestyle Lessons from the 1930s" published by The Daily Mail (tsk!) is a collection of genuine articles printed in the newspaper in the 30s.

Hilarious, ridiculous, glamorous, revolting and useful some of the articles are as relevant today as they were before and during the war.

I particularly love this article on how to spend your dress allowance. It seems crazy now that anybody should need to buy so many hats over a two year period (although fabulous all the same)  but I do think that this level of careful planning and a long term view would save loads of money and avoid wardrobe disasters if we adopted it now.

But mostly I've loved flicking through this book for the pictures. So glamorous.


  1. I love old-fashioned lifestyle books. You shoud read 'Joan's Way' by (you might have guessed) Joan Collins - it's full of old-timey no-nonsense wisdom such as "I only ever eat half of what's on my plate. People get fat because they eat too much." :)

  2. Lovely old photos.